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The Mystic Mamas Collective is a non-profit organization that creates events, workshops, and community playdates centering womanhood, parenting, and play. Our mission is to support other women in building a communal style education centered around their needs and dreams for their children. We envision creating a new culture aligned with a new paradigm that honors and values women, reminding them whom they were before societal and familial trauma, transforming generational curses. We value creating a healing environment where women feel powerful and unafraid.

Ayana Sade


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our beginning

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In 2014 Ayana Sade and Patrice Bolomope found themselves in very similar and peculiar situations despite their differences. They were both pregnant under less than ideal circumstances and carrying shame for reasons they did not yet understand.


They were at a point in their lives of high excitement and seeking to be free in their artistry and careers. They both got pregnant by men who were not capable of supporting them and they did not know well enough to trust. How could they ask their families for support when there was so much shame surrounding the situations? When would they ever have time to pursue their personal goals and still be present to the needs of their children? Who would hold space for them to mend?


How can they still be artists AND competent and present mothers?


They soon recognized that they needed support and that they were the support they sought. Over time they developed their own culture amongst themselves and children. They moved into a house together and decided to co-parent and homeschool the children together. Through sharing meals, chores, prayers, and laughter they were able to create a very healing incubator. How can they manifest their dreams and handle their responsibilities? More support was still needed. They started The Mystic Mamas as a way to encourage other moms to do what they were doing for themselves...being the community they desired. They felt empowered by the realization that they could create what was needed. They found strength in knowing that they could manifest their desires and help others do the same.








An Opportunity for All Mystic Mamas, Wild Women, Warrior Queens, Goddesses, HEALERS, Fairies, and DOULAS!

Yess you, the CALLED ONE! The ones that have been doing there inner work in preparation to build with other beautiful mirrors, the ones attracting there tribe, the ones ready for action.


THIS IS FOR YOU!!! THIS IS FOR US! It's time for a trip Limited space so if u feel called



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